A completely unified online-to-offline platform, both in and out of the office

QIN is a mobile App, which allows workers to complete and submit forms, or watch instructional, induction or refresher training videos, online or offline. 

Data is captured through the QIN App, and then processed back in the office via Nimblex Software. Together, QIN and Nimblex create a completely unified Mobility Solution that can be shaped to fit your requirements. Whether its Induction Management, Training Management, Incident Management or Job Completion.

QIN by CodeSafe is recognised in industy as a best practice approach to communicating information to and from the field and has won the prestigious WorkSafe Health and Safety Invention of the Year award in 2013. 

Nimblex by eBMS Pty Ltd, were recognised in 2014 for their efforts and expertise in innovation, by winning the 'Consensus Software Award'; previous winners include Atlassian and WiseTech Global.

Why would I need Nimblex QIN?

Do the following points describe you and your business: 

  • Are you tired of paperwork not making it back to the office?
  • Do you desire greater visibility of how work is progressing onsite?
  • Are you looking for a way to transfer knowledge or deliver inductions and training remotely, or in areas with poor mobile reception?
  • Do you experience endless hassles ensuring your staff and third party contacts are fully compliant?
  • Do you aim to standardise, automate and digitise your work procedures, but just can't find the right solution?

If you can relate to any of these points, then the Nimblex QIN Mobility Solution will be a great fit for your business.


  • Create and submit forms and checklists offline 
  • FREE digital worker profile, that stores licenses, tickets, training details and insurances.
  • Seamless one-way integration with Nimblex
  • Easily integrates with hundreds of additional apps
  • Autofilling smart forms minimises typing and errors for end users 
  • On demand, mobile visual training, induction or refresher videos, with engagement verification and validation capabilities; available either online or offline. 
  • Instantly captures information including photos and e-signatures, while onsite.
  • Data collected will be processed in-office via Nimblex. Ensuring accurate, real-time reporting, workflow, data processing and improved decision making.


A Nimblex QIN Mobility Solution will provide you with many benefits: 

Save Time & Money 

Improve efficiency and effectiveness by working smarter. Your QIN offline forms will be submitted to the Nimblex Platform, once you are in range. This reduces double-handling and will improve the standardisation of work. 

Forms deliver a number of Services 

  • Inductions and refresher training on site to each worker.
  • Reporting of Incidents, Hazards & Risks out on site, including capturing images to attach to forms.
  • You can manage jobs or tasks, by capturing the necessary data and evidence while out on site to show progress or completion.


Ensure greater compliance in the field and peace of mind. Each supplier, vendor or contractor can have their own profile where all their insurances and certifications are lodged. These will then be sent to your Nimblex Vendor Management solution. Not only will it ensure the compliance of each contractor, but it will track site access, induction, tasks and sub-contractors out in the field. Good news, is QIN is a completely Free App for workers and sub-contractors. 

Informed Staff 

Ensures users understand and comprehend critical information in the field. Nimblex & QIN enables you to manage and deliver training and inductions in offline environments.