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Risk Management .

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Custom Risk Management Solution


We recognise the complexity of systematically identifying and managing risks across your processes, people, projects and technology within your organisation.  

Our Risk Management solution simplifies the various methods for defining, assessing and monitoring strategic, compliance and operational risks and workplace hazards, while focusing on the impact on your organisation and the tracking of responses. We use your own risk assessment matrix or our suggested matrix, and our design considers leading-edge risk management standards (e.g. ISO 31000). 

There are many Risk Management solutions on the market which require users to change their ideal way of working to fit the framework and flow of a particular risk software package. However, we appreciate that organisations have different needs, multiple decision-makers and may wish to align risk management with their processes and systems which may be unique to the business. 

The other issue is that many out-of-the-box risk management solutions can be complicated and therefore may not match the level of maturity for your organisation. 

The molding capability and flexibility of Nimblex allow you, as your organisation’s subject matter expert, to implement a solution that fits the requirements of managing risk, and also correctly calibrates to your organisation’s risk maturity.

The flexibility of Nimblex allows you to take your people on a journey of maturing the way risk is managed and allows for different user views – from the risk experts to the various business teams.  This means you dream it and we configure it.


We can start from scratch to create your unique Risk Management solution. This means that everything can be customised – and we mean everything. But to give you an idea and to allow you to dream about your ideal solution, here are examples of the activities within risk management that will be tailored to best fit your needs.

Risk Identification  

Our system allows you to ensure all risk information is correctly captured across the various “listening posts” in your organisation, through the use of custom forms or data uploads allowing for current and emerging risk information to be analysed (e.g customer complaints, incidents, control issues etc).

The capability to upload photos or images will further assist your staff to describe the relevant risk clearly, especially where it involves a physical asset or a workplace health and safety issue. These photos can be taken using a mobile device and uploaded directly into the forms as needed.

Risk Analysis and Evaluation  

This is an essential area which differs from client to client, as every organisation can rate risks differently, or take different aspects into consideration when they analyse risks. We will customise your solution to best suit your risk management framework and procedures.

Multiple obligations, risk causes and their consequences can be captured or prepopulated from a cause library tailored to your unique requirements.

Controls and Treatment  

Responding to your risks and having a healthy control environment is an important action taken by organisations, which is intended to proactively manage, reduce or eliminate risks. Our Nimblex Risk Management solution enables users to categorise their controls based on various types (e.g Preventative, Detective or Corrective) and hierarchy (e.g Critical, Primary, Secondary or Compensating). It will also allow you to build a controls library which correctly represents your ideal way of working. It will link controls to obligations or causes with reports showing which controls relate to which causes or obligations. 

Your solution can be configured so that treatments can be correctly raised and proactively managed as per your preferred method which includes reminders, escalations and reporting.

Corrective Actions and Risk Review

The corrective action area can be configured to ensure the appropriate tracking and collaboration is being achieved to ensure effective management and reporting. 

Final Evaluation

Our experience has taught us that Risk Evaluation is where many organisations differ in their approach. Some clients prefer to undertake a “Risk Treatment” (i.e. an additional action that could become a new control if it works to reduce the risk) and then undertake a “Second Evaluation”. Other clients like to undertake the “Second Evaluation” directly after they have listed their controls and then look at treatments or corrective actions. We can shape the solution around the ideal working procedure of your risk management or policy framework.

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