Custom Safety Management Solution


Keep your employees and clients safe by using a customised Safety Management solution that will best suit your specific business needs.

There are many great safety solutions out on the market, but we help organisations who have unique needs while still wishing to be compliant to the AS/NZ 4800 standard. They also need a solution that is future-proof for their complex and changing situations. They often want to link it with their other Nimblex solutions to have an holistic approach to a certain group of activities, e.g. Vendor Management linked with Safety Management. 

By using the unprecedented flexibility Nimblex offers, we start from a blank canvas and are able to create a best-fit solution for your particular needs. This means you dream it and we configure it.


We can start from a blank canvas to create your unique Safety Management solution. This means that everything can be customised - and we mean everything. But to give you an idea and to allow you to dream about your ideal solution, here are examples of the type of activities within safety management that we can configure to your exact requirements.

Nimblex provides for the reporting of incidents based on specific groups of people, e.g. students, contractors, full time staff, etc. These incidents can be categorized based on Injury or Illness, Near Miss or Hazard, Property Damage or Injury to Public, Environmental or Human Exposure, etc. The input into these forms will trigger business rules, alerts, escalations and different user interfaces to best represent your ideal process story. 

For example, an input could trigger investigations and corrective actions. The investigation methodology within our solution complies with the necessary safety standards, but the flexibility we offer means that it can be tailored to the ideal way you like to oversee investigations, review investigation outcomes, create corrective actions, launch risk assessments and process return to work entries. 

Nimblex will use your corporate risk framework to rate reported hazards, which will drive greater consistency across your organisation.

The Nimblex Platform offers the capability to create proactive safety checklists for whatever situation, equipment or activity you may need. It also helps with the tracking and management of the completion of these forms. 

You can combine your training and induction needs with your Safety Management solution. Nimblex offers the ability to ensure your staff is correctly inducted regarding the compliance with the safety rules that are needed for a specific situation.

See the following Case Studies for more information:


Link with other Nimblex Solutions

Nimblex allows you to link the Safety Management solution with any other CUSTOM or CORE solution. Many of our clients like to link Safety Management with Vendor and Risk Management. These modules interlink seamlessly to share data, user rules, reporting, etc. You can also integrate it with Nimblex QIN.

Includes all the Nimblex Platform features

Your customised Nimblex Safety Management solution will include all these innovative features which are native to the Nimblex Platform.



Nimblex offers a number of options for integrating with other software solutions:

  • Accessing a 3rd party API
  • Scheduled import from file
  • Accessing a 3rd party database directly
  • By Reference


We offer 3 hosting options:
  1. Public Cloud
  2. Private Cloud (Based out of Azure)
  3. On-Site (Client Hosted)
All data is hosted within Australia, irrespective of which option you select.