Custom Vendor Management Solution


The objective of our Vendor Management module is to offer greater clarity to you and your vendors so that your organisation's policies and procedures are correctly followed. 

You might have unique and proven work procedures on how to manage Vendors to reduce compliance risk and to build better relationships. The need for effective onboarding and induction can easily be achieved using Nimblex. Once vendors are correctly pre-qualified and onboarded, then is will be easy for people within your organization to match the correct vendor to the service or product that they are after and to start transacting with them.  

What we offer may, for example, fit your need 60% but our ‘drag-and- drop’ configuration and unprecedented flexibility allows us to shape the Vendor Management solution to fit your needs a 100% without breaking the bank. This means you dream it and we configure it.


To give you an idea and to allow you to dream about your ideal solution, here are examples of the type of activities within Vendor Management that we can configure to best fit your needs. 

Track Vendors

Easily keep track of all Vendor Management information including:  

  • Communication - Date, Type, Summary Information and Notes 
  • Insurances and Certifications - all types of insurances, expiry dates, reminders, related contracts, etc. 
  • Issues - Status, Description, Activity Register, Control Activity and Description 
  • Panels - Link suppliers to various panels 
  • Performances and non-conformances -  Description, Start Date , End Date, Target, Result 
  • Vendors and all aspects of their contracts 

Supplier Portals

Reduce your admin burden, and increase efficiency and accuracy by letting your vendors submit the following information directly into your solution:

  • The updating of Vendor and Contact details
  • The submission of KPI and performance information 
  • The lodgement of updated insurance and other compliance certificates 
  • The downloading of Payment Certificates 
  • The notifications of Extensions and Work Orders 
  • The downloading of Work Orders 
  • The provision of requested information 
  • The submission of contract specific actions 

Link with other Nimblex Solutions

Nimblex allows you to link the Vendor Management module with any other CUSTOM or CORE solution. Many of our clients like to link Vendor Management with Procurement, Contract and Risk Management. These modules interlink seamlessly to share data, user rules, reporting, etc.

Includes all the Nimblex Platform features

Your customised Nimblex Vendor Solution will include all these innovative features which are native to the Nimblex Platform.



Nimblex offers a number of options for integrating with other software solutions:

  • Accessing a 3rd party API
  • Scheduled import from file
  • Accessing a 3rd party database directly
  • By Reference


We offer 3 hosting options:
  1. Public Cloud
  2. Private Cloud (Based out of Azure)
  3. On-Site (Client Hosted)
All data is hosted within Australia, irrespective of which option you select.