The Delivery of the Training

The training objective is to empower your users so they can get the most out of their Nimblex Platform. We provide training focusing on the following areas:

Nimblex Solution Training for End Users

The aim is to train your end users to be fully competent in using the solution. eBMS follows the approach of Train-the-Trainer. By this we mean that we will train up a small group of key users who will then train other users as needed.

We also include the creation of training manuals and videos where needed. The great benefit is that we will co-auther the training manual with you to blend in your policy and procedures with your training manual. This will not only tell your clients what button to click, but why they need to do it.

Nimblex Solution Administrator User Training

The administrator(s) of the platform is vital to ensure a successful uptake of the new solution and becomes the primary overseer to ensure training needs are met.

The objective is that the administrator can use with confidence all the admin functionality and settings which comes native to the Nimblex Platform.

Nimblex System Building Training

With Nimblex, you can determine your own level of 'self-service'. Once we train you, you will be able to configure solutions on your own steam and quickly grow in your technical capability. We have many clients who are now configuring their own solution or handling their own support thus saving them money. This training also includes a 'hand holding' element where we assist you with your questions post training.

Training Resources

We offer a service for creating training videos to help you with retraining needs and knowledge retention. The good news is that the Nimblex Platform does an excellent job of displaying videos within forms and we can therefore embed these videos where they are needed in your solution. Talk to us today on how we can assist you with the creation and deployment of these videos.

Re-training Needs

People change roles, they move, restructures happen and before you know it, the people who were initially trained on the solution are no longer around. We can assist by offering you re-training packages tailored to suit your needs.