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Twinings – Enquiry & Customer Feedback.

Project Overview:

Twinings is world-leading tea producer with a history dating back to 1706. Quality tea has always been at the heart of Twinings. Renowned for creating vibrant and aromatic blends that are loved by all, from Earl Grey and English Breakfast to Chai and super fruity infusions, Twinings knows the details that matter most. Now, with 500 varieties, their teas are cherished all over the world. Expert master blenders taste more than 3,000 cups of tea every week.

Nimblex Solution: Enquiry and Customer Feedback 


  • A solution was required which would enhance the business processes for the management of enquiry and customer feedback from customers.
  • To automate the workflows related to the above process.
  • To host the new solution in the Cloud


  • Creating a new enquiry or customer feedback from an existing customer.
  • Recording actions taken to manage enquiries or customer feedback.
  • Recording results or feedback resulting from customer feedback.
  • Closing an enquiry or customer feedback.
  • Task management on actions.
  • Word Document templates for letter generation.
  • Reporting as defined in this document (Nimblex offers self-serviced reporting tool which allows users to build various reports on their own).
  • Specific client’s email address to be used for notification from system.


  • The Office Administrator is saving 5-10 hours per week on administrative tasks, this allows more time spent on customer service and assisting the Sales and Marketing department with their tasks.
  • It is easy to follow the enquiries and customer feedback status, with highlighting in yellow for those requests without action after three days and with red after seven days.
  • They can check all corrective actions that have been taken for each enquiry.
  • Managers can see feedback reports for the selected date range.
  • All consumers’ data are in one place and they can check all related enquiries and customer feedback to a specific consumer.
  • The forms change, based on the country, which saves time as Australia and New Zealand have different address formats.
  • Twinings head office in the UK has greater visibility over Australia and New Zealand, as a result of the reporting capabilities.

Our Office Administrator is saving 5-10 hours per week on Administrative tasks, allowing more time spent on customer service and assisting our Sales and Marketing Department.

Katie Maclean
Business Analyst

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