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WA Department of Transport – Equipment & Asset Leasing Management.

Project Overview:

The Department of Transport’s key focus is operational transport functions and strategic transport planning and policy, across the range of public and commercial transport systems that service Western Australia. With more than 1000 employees, they have the expertise to deliver and connect a complex inter-related economic and social network.

The Department follows a leasing model for all IT equipment (e.g. PCs, notebooks, MFDs). To assist in administering and managing their portfolio of equipment leases (2000+ assets), the Department required a leased asset management system to be designed and built, for inclusion within their existing Nimblex platform.

Nimblex Solution: Equipment and Asset Leasing Management


Prior to the new system going live, management of the Department’s leased assets was conducted using multiple spreadsheets and 3rd party systems. This process was time consuming, inefficient, inaccurate and open to human error.

The Department required a module with the ability to record asset details in a central location, auto calculate various leasing costs and track asset financial information including payments. In addition, the Department required a module they can administer themselves, without having to rely on expensive support costs on an ongoing basis.


The new Lease Management System (LMS) enables the Department to manage the entire life-cycle of a leased asset from procurement to end-of-lease.

The module is linked to the Department’s existing Contract Management System to provide a holistic Platform that can provide visibility to both Procurement Officers and key stakeholders. When users log into DoT’s Nimblex solution, there is an option to enter either CMS or LMS (or both), depending on user defined security access.

The solution consolidated all the spreadsheets and information held in the 3rd party systems into a central location. Transport users can now track payments against lease contracts, calculate various lease costs, produce various reports (ad-hoc and set), allow bulk upload or manual entry of new assets and payments, track asset replacement and also send automated reminders to key stakeholders. Additionally, key stakeholders can access the system and update custodian and account string information for assets within their relevant business areas.


  • All leased asset details and financial information is held in a central location
  • Full visibility of all active and returned leased assets
  • Lease payments automatically uploaded against the lease contract in CMS
  • Automated notifications and alerts, for example when asset leases are due to expire
  • Lease information is searchable, their details viewable
  • Simplified tracking of equipment throughout the Leased Asset Lifecycle
  • Accurate lease cost calculations and reporting
  • Key stakeholders can access leased asset details and replacement information
  • Accurate reconciliation of lease payments

After 4 weeks of the system being live, the Department was already reaping efficiency benefits due to the removal of the need to update and track assets across various spreadsheets and systems. Our users outside of the Branch have praised the system’s simplicity and can see the benefits that the system provides to their roles in managing their assigned assets.

Ella Gurbiel
Team Leader Systems and Quality

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