What is Nimblex?

Nimblex is web-based software for application (i.e. solution) creation.

Nimblex is used as a base platform to create, configure and operate management solutions the way you like to work. It offers a configurable user interface, user accounts, permissions, a calculation engine, workflow, a task scheduler, plus a host of features useful for the creation of any kind of management solution.

On top of these features, Nimblex gives you an easy to use drag-and-drop building environment we call the Designer. This tool allows for the construction of advanced solutions with ease.

Ok, sounds good but why would you need Nimblex? Click here to explore the reasons why.

In addition to the above, Nimblex offers savings and less risk compared to the more standard ground-up development approach which uses hand-coding. It is also more flexible than most off-the-shelf applications.

We offer off the shelf (but completely configurable) or completely custom built solutions based on Nimblex. You can also take the platform and build your solution from the ground up.

Nimblex Makes Scaling Up Easy

You can add new modules to your Nimblex Platform as your organisation grows and evolves.

Start small and feel secure that you can scale up at any time. All your application modules can be easily integrated as they are all within a single platform. Your applications can share data, reports, workflow rules, users, and more, allowing for easier maintenance and more excellent visibility of all your data.

This capability offers you a low risk and an affordable investment entry approach.

Use Nimblex Whenever, Wherever

Nimblex is a web-based solution, meaning you have access to your data from anywhere you can get Wi-Fi or a mobile signal.

Using Mobile Views, full systems can be dynamically reformatted to the mobile form factor.

Nimblex is not an ‘App’.  It is a browser-based software platform, which means that it's capable of running on any device you may have, be it a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. Also, Nimblex is compatible with all the leading internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

What's in it for you? So if you are looking for a cost-effective way to use mobile devices for your organisation and experience all the advantages related to it, then Nimblex is ideal to achieve this goal.


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