We work with business operators, corporate managers and government department executives to create business management solutions that fit their exact requirements, without the need for code writing.

Need for a Specific Management Solution

You’ve tried an “Off the Shelf” solution...but it’s just not working for you.

It doesn’t fit your needs and you have to change your processes to fit the software. With Nimblex we’ll design the system for you exactly the way you want to work. No unnecessary features, no custom code and no adjustments to your existing business processes. We deliver best fit every time.

Nimblex offers mature frameworks for various solutions relating to certain industries, but it's easy for us to start from a blank canvas too.

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We can start small, implementing one solution and then scaling up once you are satisfied that the software is meeting your requirements and delivering a real ROI.

Accounting System and Messy Spreadsheets

Are you currently using an accounting system, like Xero or MYOB together with a number of spreadsheets to run your business?

Have you outgrown that set-up because it’s becoming more and more difficult to manage. You find yourself losing control as you increase in size. There is a better way to ‘package your processes’ into more robust solutions.

With Nimblex’s workflow and other features, think of it as not only reducing your reliability on spreadsheets, but as an additional admin staff member you’ve employed.

Let’s turn your spreadsheet registers into your own unique ‘enterprise management solution’.



  • Reduce the risks offered by spreadsheets
  • More consistency in process activities to provide consistent outcomes e.g. quality and service. 
  • Increased clarity and better decision making, especially using the advantage of real-time data
  • Increase the equity value of your business by reducing 'key person risks' and offering effective management systems as an asset. 
  • Improve control, efficiency and scalability of your business. 

An Affordable Gap Filler for your Expensive ERP

You’re using an Enterprise Resource Planning solution (ERP), but some of their modules are very expensive to use or to modify to the way your organisation like to work.

Because of the expense, you default to using spreadsheets or other silo solutions to bridge the gaps. This can be messy and efficient.

Nimblex is integration friendly and can easily ‘talk to’ your ERP solution. The pushing or pulling data can be achieved by using our web APIs, data import / export tools or File Based integration capabilities..

Our Nimblex software can ‘fill the gaps’ your ERP has left behind in areas such as:

  1. Contract Management
  2. Risk Management
  3. Quality and Warranty Management
  4. Price and Quote Management
  5. Safety and Induction Management
  6. Maintenance Management
  7. ...and whatever else you may need. 

We deliver these ‘gap solutions’ tailored to your exact requirements and fully integrated with your ERP that will deliver the following benefits:

  • Save you heaps of money compared to using your ERP company to deliver these solutions. 
  • Much easier to train and induct new staff into your business, because they only have to learn your ERP solution and Nimblex (i.e. and not heaps of silo solutions and hundreds of spreadsheets). 
  • It is easier and cheaper to achieve 'continuous process improvement' where Nimblex is used, compared to inflexible ERP solutions. 
  • Reduce the risks offered by spreadsheets. 

What Makes Us Different

  • No one creates custom business management solutions easier, with less risk and better value than us. It is our speciality.
  • We will not charge you like lawyers, which is a common characteristic of our industry.
  • Flexibility is key in all that we do, so we offer you a price calibrated to your budget and application complexity.
  • We don’t believe in a ‘cookie cutter' application approach. We believe that tailored and relevant solutions will always be more successful.
  • Our Nimblex solutions always stay in step with changes to our clients' current and future needs.
  • Our Nimblex solutions are not written with code, but instead configured using a ‘drag-and-drop' interface. This makes them far easier to maintain and much less prone to errors.
  • None of our resources or capabilities are outsourced overseas. We know you like to deal with local people.
  • We have, without question, the most flexible, innovative and feature rich software platform that will never ‘box you in’ with your requirements.
  • We are proud of our ability to repeatedly wow our clients with the quality and responsiveness of our support. We always strive to go the extra mile for them.

In Summary

You need Nimblex if...

You’re frustrated with ‘cast in concrete’ software applications that are inflexible and do not fit your preferred way of working.

You’re looking for a specific solution, but none of the software packages on the market reflect what you really need.

Spreadsheet applications and paper registers are driving you nuts and wish to have more robust systems.

You’re looking for an easy way to automate various business processes and work activities.

You’re searching for a truly integrated platform that combines workflow, dashboard reporting, automated reminders, and a host of other features.

You’ve had it with juggling multiple silo solutions that do not share data with each other and are looking for one platform that will handle everything.

You’re continually worried about your organisation’s compliance and audit obligations.

You’re spending crazy amounts of money on applications that are not part of the ‘original module set’ of your tier one ERP solution.