Since COVID-19 has obligated many people to work from home, we are offering useful online tools to make that process easier and more efficient. There is no limit to the number of Australian users or organisations that can use them, so please feel free to share them around.

Work-From-Home OHS Checklist Tool

This OHS tool is an easy to use checklist to help you manage your safety obligations for work-from-home employees. We have some standard questions already set up, however you can replace or add questions to suit your organisation.

All employers have obligations to make sure their staff members are safe in their work environment, even if it's a home office. (Victoria's guidance)

This is a complimentary tool - you can use it at no cost - as it is our way to give back to the Australian community.

Video Tutorial

The OHS Tool is intuitively designed. For a walk-through on how to use it optimally, have a look at the video tutorial which neatly explains the steps required and how it works.