EBMS Nimblex joins VendorPanel, creating a world class Source-to-Pay procurement suite

Yarra Valley Water – Procurement & Contract Management.

Project Overview:

YVW services 1.9 million people and more than 50,000 businesses across a 4,000-kilometre area, from Wallan in the north to Warburton in the east.

YVW buy bulk water from Melbourne Water for distribution to our customers. YVW remove and treat sewage, most of which is transferred to Melbourne Water’s treatment plants. The rest is treated at their ten regional plants, where they also recycle water for use in homes, sports fields and public spaces.

Located in Mitcham, Victoria, YVW has approximately 700 employees.

Nimblex Solution: Procurement & Contract Management


Yarra Valley Water’s half a billion dollar annual procurement spend was not managed consistently. Two different systems were in place for its two largest business groups to manage their expenditure, while the other four groups followed manual processes. An in-house application was used to manually record the signed paper contracts provided by the various groups, with the following deficiencies:

  • Incomplete – Many executed contracts were only kept on paper versions, and a significant number were not registered in the centralised system. Filing of the digital versions of the contracts could not be enforced in the system.
  • Inaccurate – It contained inaccuracies as it relied on each contract manager manually entering their contract information.
  • Little operational value – Although expiry dates could be captured and contracts due to expire could be flagged, there was no description of the services or works provided, no ability to search the content of the contracts, nor any means to manage the performance and various stages of contracts.
  • Manual Controls could be easily bypassed or ignored and there were no systemic controls in place for contract deviations.


The new Nimblex Sourcing to Procure system has been co-designed by a team of representatives from every Yarra Valley Water business group and has now been fully deployed to over 350 staff. The successful implementation of the system in November and December 2018 will be complemented by a release of enhancements and improvements in 2019. Most of these improvements are the result of suggestions issued by users, so that an already great solution becomes the perfect solution for Yarra Valley Water.


  • The system channels all the procurement activities of Yarra Valley Water via an end-to-end paperless solution which is fully integrated with Yarra Valley Water’s financial system.
  • In Nimblex, these users can initiate, plan and advertise their sourcing requirements, manage their tenders in e-Procure, evaluate the submissions, raise and execute contracts electronically through DocuSign, manage their contracts and suppliers, and issue purchase orders.
  • The system is intuitive, easy to use, and thanks to its extreme configurability, facilitates continuous improvement and is future proofed against changes in public procurement regulations and directions.

The team at Nimblex have demonstrated their superior capability and responsiveness. They have successfully delivered a sophisticated and comprehensive Sourcing to Pay solution. With Nimblex, YVW is now equipped with a world class solution that enables a world class strategic procurement function.

Dominique Gibert
Manager Procurement and Accounts Payable

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